Canon Law (Legal) Services

Marriage Annulments: Advocate, Judge, Defender of the Bond  


Advocacy in Misconduct Cases 

Expert Witness in Civil Lawsuits 


Canonical Consultation and Representation  

Denial of Access to Sacraments      


Catholic Schooling/Education (Home Schooling through University)

Workshops and Presentations


Privacy and Reputation

Eastern Law


Religious Law

Catholic Hospitals


Incardination/Excardination Matters

Financial Support of Priests


Denial of Due Process of Clergy and Laity

Pastor Removal/Transfer Matters


Catholic Employment Matters

Financial Auditing of Parishes


False Accusations

Hierarchical Recourse to the Holy See


Priests asked to undergo Psychological Counseling by their Bishop

Interplay Between Civil and Canon Law


Priests needing Medical Coverage

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Canon Law Resources