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Committed to protecting and vindicating the natural law and canonical rights of the faithful.

Robert FlummerfeltDo you need an experienced canon lawyer?  For over seventeen (17) years, I have had the privilege of serving in various capacities of Church Tribunals from Advocate, Defender of the Bond, Assessor and Judge; handling over 3,500 annulments.  In addition to serving in these capacities, I have also worked in parish ministry as a Director of Religious Education, a Catholic school teacher, Director of the R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) process and other parish ministries.  I currently am a professor of Tribunal Studies and am a national consultant on Inter-Ecclesial Canonical Matters.

“The Supreme Law of the Church is the Salvation of Souls” (Cf. Canon 1752 of the Code of Canon Law)

I have much experience in Canon Law and serving God’s people.  In numerous matters, I have been asked by priests and laity alike to act as a canon lawyer (advocate/canonical consultant) before their bishop or before Church tribunals.  Beyond serving as a canon lawyer, I have been a practicing attorney in Nevada since 2008.  Because of my background in canon law and as an attorney, I bring a unique perspective to serving those who request my canonical/legal assistance.  Furthermore, please know that I handle all cases personally on behalf of clients; I do not farm out cases or hand a case off to an associate to work on for you.  If you have a need for a canon lawyer, please feel free to contact me.  The initial consultation is always free and if you choose to retain me, know that my fees are highly competitive.

During our initial contact, I will always offer you frank, straight-forward direction about how we can work together to give you a fair assessment of your case and what steps we will take to get the results you seek.  Furthermore, I will observe complete confidentiality for your matter.  My role is to advocate effectively and efficiently for you while calming any concerns or fears you may have about a prospective canonical process.  Thanks for considering me to help serve you.

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